We are a UK trading company that prides itself in trading in all commodities. 

Smart business people need to find quality suppliers of reliable products and offer after sale service and support. They need to use these quality suppliers as they use their other professional service suppliers.

TRADE 24/7 is such a supplier. We will use ultra efficient business policies to source, vet, buy and sell products safely in the current market climate. We serve our clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. We make sure that our clients have what they need to run their businesses as well as possible, with maximum efficiency and reliability. So we give our clients the assurance that we will be there when they need us.

Our strengths are locating the right product at the right price.   We have a solid foundation base that has been established through our contacts, product knowledge and routes to market.  This coupled with our team of experts (i.e. VAT, Tax, Research & Development Team,  Accountants and Expert traders) will give us a solid foot hold in the markets we trade in.

Today we have evolved to the stage where we can run a business almost anywhere on the planet using devices no larger than a book, and still we push for better technology. Indeed, not standing still has made these achievements possible.

TRADE 24/7 shares this passion for cutting-edge technology staying ahead of the competition by keeping our ear to the ground. Our company is large enough to muscle down prices but streamlined enough to move quickly to meet market trends when they appear.

We have been collaborating with like minded companies and have used all our experience to continually build a better company so that we can move forward, stronger and more efficiently each year.

Our strength in the various industries has been built on the principle of giving our clients the keenest value-for-money along with the highest standards, without compromising the need for the most up-to-date that is available.