i-mate is a company selling Windows Mobile-powered devices. The Group was launched by now CEO Jim Morrison. Jim was involved in the team at O2 that designed the first O2 Xda Pocket PC phone. He subsequently obtained rights to HTC products outside of O2 territories and setup i-mate with his team in Glasgow, Scotland to deliver into the market place. It is now based in Dubai, and is operating in the UK, Italy, Armenia, Australia, India, the U.S.A. and South Africa. At the end of March 2006, i-mate had posted a profit of USD $22.5 million and sold over 420,000 Windows Mobile phones.

From the beginning of its existence until fall of 2006, i-mate sold branded versions of Pocket PCs, PPC phones, and smartphones manufactured by Taiwanese mobile device giant HTC. In September 2006, HTC ended this relationship with i-mate (at the same time it cut ties with O2). This was announced soon after HTC started selling devices under its own brand name in Europe and purchased the PPC/smartphone distributor Dopod which serves Asia and Australia. Since the end of its relationship with HTC, i-mate has begun carrying devices from other manufacturers, including Inventec and TechFaith.

A non-comprehensive list of devices release by i-mate in chronological order; the release dates listed most often refer to the date the device was officially announced by the company rather than when it was available in stores: