Ascari Cars is a sports car manufacturer based in Banbury, United Kingdom. The company was named after Alberto Ascari (1918 - 1955) who was the first double world Formula 1 champion. Besides manufacturing cars, Ascari also manages a racetrack, Race Resort Ascari.

Ascari Cars was established in Dorset, England in 1995. Its first limited-edition car, the Ascari Ecosse, was launched in 1998. After the release of the Ecosse, Dutch businessman Klaas Zwart purchased the company.

In 2000 Ascari built a new facility in Banbury. Ascari's second car, the Ascari KZ1, was developed at Banbury, which also housed Team Ascari's racing assets.

Also in 2000, Ascari also began developing a racetrack near Ronda, in southern Spain. The track was accompanied by a resort, with several road and racing cars available to visitors to test, including former Formula One machinery.

The Ascari A10 is an automobile produced by the British company Ascari Cars. It is a road-going evolution of the KZ1-R GT3 race car currently contesting the Spanish GT championship, with both cars penned by ex-Formula One designer Paul Brown. It is the third road car produced by the company, after the Ecosse and the KZ1, with the name A10 intended to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the company.

Ascari A10
Manufacturer Ascari Cars
Parent company Ascari
Also called A10
Production Banbury, England
Assembly Banbury, England
Predecessor Ascari KZ-1
Successor None
Class Supercar
Body style(s) 2 Door Coupe
Layout Mid-engine RWD (MR)
Engine(s) 5.0 Litre BMW V8
Transmission(s) 6-Speed Manual
Wheelbase 2636 mm (103.8 in)
Length 4300 mm (169.3 in)
Width 1852 mm (72.9 in)
Height 1138 mm (44.8 in)
Curb weight 1280 kg (2822 lb)
Related Ascari KZ1, Ascari KZ1-R
Designer Paul Brown
The A10 features a 5.0 L BMW V8 engine producing 625 hp (466 kW), delivered via a six speed sequential manual gearbox, with a regular H-pattern manual transmission available as an option. The A10 shares the same basic carbon fibre chassis as the KZ1, with all-new bodywork and racing-derived suspension. Despite the addition of an FIA-spec roll cage and the fire-suppression system, the removal of soundproofing and such luxuries as air conditioning and a stereo system contributes to the A10's relatively light weight of 1280 kg (approximately 2800 lb). Ascari claims that the A10 is capable of a top speed of 215 mph (approximately 344 km/h) and a 0-60 acceleration time of 2.8 seconds.

The company plans to hand-assemble 50 A10s at its Banbury, England assembly plant, at a price of approximately £350,000 (US$676,550) each.

On the December 9th 2007 episode of Top Gear, the A10 set the fastest 'Power Lap' time around the Top Gear test track, posting a time of 1:17.3 - 0.3 seconds faster than the previous fastest car, the Koenigsegg CCX. Reviewing it during the same episode, Jeremy Clarkson described it as "A staggering car ... like a Koenigsegg but a million times more manageable." Praising the car's handling in his column in the Sunday Times, Clarkson stated "All car makers should be forced, by law, to drive an A10 so they can see what they’re aiming for."